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Whenever you’re a parent of a teenager, or a teen yourself, you know one thing; being a teenager is hard. With social media always in our faces, high expectations for doing well at school, and regular drama played out in relationships, it’s almost impossible for teens to catch a break. These overwhelming pressures can make teens feel lost in a crucial developmental part of their lives. As a parent, you want your teen to flourish and are trying to support them as they navigate the teenage years, however this can sometimes lead to fights or a rift in your relationship. As a teen, you want your space, someone to not tell you how to do everything, you want someone to understand you, and to not make guesses. It’s hurtful to go through this alone, this is how talk therapy can help. 


You may wonder, what can my teen get out of therapy? As a teen, you may think, do I really need a therapy session? Here are some ways teenagers can actually benefit from going to therapy:

  • Social anxiety or test anxiety at school 

  • Coping with a broken heart or grief 

  • Learning assertive communication skills

  • Processing their identity

  • Dealing with disappointment and sadness 

  • Figuring out the best qualities about themselves 

  • Processing a traumatic event or major life transition 

  • Having an adult to talk to, that isn’t a relative, who will let them say whatever is on their mind without judgement 


Another common thought towards going to therapy as a teen is that it will be too boring, too serious, or too much like school. This is far from the truth. When I have a teen therapy session, you can bet there will be either a game, art activity, or helpful handout to help process whatever my client is going through. Of course, therapy is about the individual, if you would like to simply talk, this is your space to do that. I’m a therapist, not a teacher, there are no grades in therapy. 


Working with teens, I see therapy as a collaborative effort. Teenagers are experts of their own life stories; my job is to help guide and process the more difficult chapters of that story. 


If you are a parent of a teenager, call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if therapy will be a good fit for your teen.

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