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I’m not sure what’s more difficult, being a teenager or being a parent of a teenager. Either way, the teen years come with so many challenges and pressures, it's hard to stay sane! Between school, extracurriculars, responsibilities at home, drama with friend groups and the pressure of staying on top of that social media image, it's hard to have an escape from the expectations of others.


All of these challenges can leave your teen feeling lost, misunderstood, and alone during one of the most critical

and difficult times in their development. Maybe you’ve noticed them being moody, being less engaged with things they once loved, or acting out in dangerous ways. As a parent, you want to support them and give them advice, but they ignore you or shrug you off. As a teen, they might not voice it, but they want someone to hear them and understand where they are at.

This is where talk therapy comes in.

Here are some topics that can be explored in talk therapy with your teen:

  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression  

  • Learning healthy coping skills

  • Grief (loss of loved one, break up, other life changes) 

  • Learning assertive communication skills

  • Processing their identity

  • Social pressures

  • Dealing with difficult emotions 

  • Improving self-esteem 

  • Processing a traumatic event or major life transition 

  • And so much more!

The biggest benefit of therapy for teens is that they have a safe, unbiased and trusted adult to talk to who will let them express themselves without judgement.

I approach teen therapy, as I do most of my work, with a collaborative effort. I like to include parents/guardians in part of the therapy process to foster a deeper and healthy connection with their teen. Also, we don’t just talk each other to death. We don’t do lectures that are no different than school. In teen sessions, we often do an experiential activity that engages the teen such as an art activity or something hands-on! If a teen prefers to just talk, that’s okay too! It is their space to do what they need. 


If you are a parent of a teenager, call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if talk therapy is a good fit!

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