Play Therapy

You’ve noticed your child is acting differently than before. Maybe, you’ve seen their outgoing personality recently vanished and they won’t leave the room without you. Maybe, preparing for bedtime is now an Olympic sport that involves a tantrum, or two. Maybe, you’ve heard from their teacher that they play alone at recess, and don’t appear to be interested in socializing with the other kids. You’ve tried talking to them about their concerns and you’re responded by one of the two responses: either screaming or shrugs.


As a parent, you struggle with the burden that nothing seems to be working, and that this behavior will never go away. You know your child is a great person, and these behaviors do not reflect them as a whole. If only you knew what could help them.

Enter Play Therapy. 


Play therapy helps children between the ages of 3-10 with processing their emotions, understanding conflicts, and learning more about themselves, very much how standard talk therapy helps adults. In play therapy, a child is able to change and adapt their personal world on their own terms with the help and guidance of a therapist. 


Play therapy works with children who:

  • Are having difficulties fitting in or are being bullied

  • Have experienced a recent loss or traumatic event

  • Have parents who are separated or divorced

  • Were adopted or in the foster care system

  • Have trouble expressing their feelings

  • Are dealing with fears or anxiety 

  • Are engaging in mean or harmful behaviors 

  • Have difficulties dealing with life changes or changing tasks

  • Struggle to acknowledge good qualities about themselves


Play therapy can help your child develop coping skills, reduce negative behaviors, become more confident, understand and become resilient during hardship, and much more. Play therapy grants a child a space of safety and encourages growth. Play therapy is a collaborative effect, your child will gain skills during therapy, while as a parent you will receive techniques from me to use at home after our sessions. 


I am in the process of being a Registered Play Therapist, and am a current member of the Association of Play Therapy. Play therapy is one of my specialties and I want to share my knowledge with your family.


Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation and learn how play therapy can help your family. 

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