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You see your child acting out and you think, what am I doing wrong? Maybe you notice that no matter how much you reassure them, they just cannot keep from overflowing with fear and anxiety. Maybe you have a child who doesn’t seem to be able to do things on their own, even though you know they are capable of it!  You look at your child and you see them hurting, and it is absolutely devastating to you. Maybe something bad has happened and you notice their personality shift from joyful and outgoing to cautious and dim


You’ve tried everything you can imagine. You've hit up friends, family and your mom groups for advice but either nothing works or they look at you like an alien because “they’ve never had these problems”. You’ve tried talking to your child but it’s like you cannot get through. As a parent, you feel like this is on you. It’s your responsibility to take care of them and something has gone awry. You're at a loss for what to do. If only you knew how to help.

But I have a solution: Play Therapy

Children communicate through play, you can call it their language if you will. Play therapy utilizes this language to meet each child’s developmental level and needs, helping them process their experiences, explore, create, and learn new skills. Play Therapy is often used with children between the ages of 3-12 allowing them to better express themselves and gain understanding of their experiences. Play Therapy is an evidence-based practice, which means there is research out there to show its effectiveness! Play therapy has been found to be effective with children of all ages, genders, backgrounds, regardless of their reason for starting therapy. Play therapy can also involve parents and guardians or other family members! 

Play therapy works with children who:

  • Have emotional or behavioral outbursts

  • Are being bullied

  • Have difficulties with their peers

  • Have experienced something traumatic

  • Are experiencing life changes (moving, new school, etc.)

  • Have a changing family (changes due to separation,
    divorce, new sibling, etc.)

  • Have difficulty understanding and/or expressing their emotions

  • Are anxious or fearful

  • Have difficulties changing tasks or with transitions

  • Displays inappropriate behaviors when angry

  • Have low self-esteem, lacks confidence, or inability to do
    things independently

  • Have experienced a recent loss 

  • Were adopted or in the foster care system

  • Express suicidal thoughts or engage in harmful behaviors

Exhale the bad, inhale the good. Play therapy can help your child decrease negative and challenging behaviors, while developing healthy coping skills, increasing their confidence and understanding of their experience. Play therapy provides a space of safety and security for your child to learn and grow. You will gain new skills too that you can use to reinforce the positive changes you see and help build resilience for your family.


I am currently in the process of becoming a Registered Play Therapist. In addition, I am a current member of the Association of Play Therapy and have additional training in areas related to children and adolescents. Play therapy is one of my specialties and passions, I’d love for you to see the power of play in action! 


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