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COVID-19 has turned your world upside down. Before you felt comfortable going to your appointments, you even enjoyed sitting in your therapist’s waiting room. There was never a fear of possibly getting sick when leaving the house. With mask requirements, having to wait outside the office, and answering a COVID-19 survey, the virus has made going to a therapy appointment not as simple as before.


Suddenly there is a fear where there wasn’t one. You have a dilemma now, you want to go to therapy, but there are so many complications with leaving the home. Is in person therapy worth it for me? Will going to therapy in an office make my anxiety worse? 


Telehealth is here to aid you in not having to make that decision. Telehealth, other known as online therapy, is designed to provide the same in person therapy to clients, but without the risk of leaving the home. I provide Telehealth services over a secure HIPAA compliant platform,, which provides you with the same confidentiality benefits of going to therapy in person. 


Aside from protecting yourself from COVID-19, doing Telehealth has other benefits:

  • More flexibility in scheduling 

  • Saving gas money and not sitting in traffic 

  • Receiving therapy in your sweatpants 

  • Choosing to have a session in a safe and confidential location of your choice (within South Carolina) 

Telehealth services are available for teens, adults,and children over the age of 6


Curious about Telehealth? Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation and let’s see if Telehealth will be a good fit for you. 

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