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To say the global pandemic has changed some things would be an understatement. For many, COVID-19 has turned your world upside down (maybe a few times). Maybe before the pandemic you felt at ease going out for appointments and such, but now between the fear of getting sick, health screenings, and mask requirements, going out seems more than you can bear. Starting therapy seems even harder than it did before, but additional hoops or not, you still have this nagging feeling that therapy is needed because of the situations you’re facing.You’re wondering “is in-person therapy worth it for me”? 

Wonder no more,

because telehealth could be your answer!

Telehealth, or online therapy, is designed to provide the same in person therapy to clients, but without the risk/hassle of leaving home. I provide telehealth services over a secure HIPAA compliant platform, through Simple Practice, which provides you with the same confidentiality benefits of going to therapy in person.

Other benefits to telehealth include:

  • More flexibility in scheduling, especially with scheduling around work or school

  • Saving gas money and avoiding traffic 

  • Receiving therapy in your sweatpants 

  • Choosing to have a session in a safe and confidential location of your choice (within South Carolina)

Want to learn more about if telehealth is right for you? Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation today!

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