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Everyday is the same, you wake up feeling stuck and not living the life you want to life.


You’re tired of the intrusive thoughts, the nightmares, and feeling that you can’t overcome your memories. You feel stuck and exhausted, and no one seems to understand. You feel judged and helpless when thinking about how different you are. It’s a daily battle fighting your triggers just to feel calm and safe.

Wow, you think to yourself, will I ever feel better?


You want your old life back, the life you had before that traumatic event, before the abuse, or before the panic attacks. You’re afraid that you will always live this way, living in fear. You want to feel happy, connected, and relaxed again. 


Now Picture This: Your memories are no longer associated with pain.


You have more energy and more confidence to get through your day. You feel relaxed, a feeling you haven’t felt in forever. You’re able to get back to the activities you used to enjoy. Most importantly, you feel like your old self.

Working Through Trauma Therapy Can Help Complete This Picture


Parents, you've been feeling lost for a while now. 

You’re starting to feel like a fraud as a parent. Your child has been acting out more than usually lately, and you’re at your wit’s end figuring out what is triggering the tantrums. You feel you’ll never be able to help calm them down. 


Your teen comes home from school crying, you show your concern but they brush you off before escaping to their room. You hate seeing them upset, you wish you knew what to say. You ask your friends for advice and they shrug, their kids don’t act like that. You feel judged and helpless at the same time. 


Wow, you think to yourself, I must be the worst parent ever. 


You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and just want a break from the stress. Mostly importantly, you want yourself and your family to be happy, connected, and communicating again. 


Then suddenly, your fear of being a bad parent no longer exists. 


You no longer question if your children will behave, or if your teen will flourish. You notice there’s less conflict around the house and you feel relaxed, a feeling you haven’t felt in forever. 


Your family is communicating their needs and feelings better than ever before. You feel confident that you have the right tools to help yourself and your family. Most importantly, you feel comfortable with yourself.

Play Therapy or Teen Therapy or Family Therapy May Be a Great Fit For Your Family



Ready for this change in you or your family?

Harvest Family Therapy, LLC can help accomplish this dream. The name Harvest applies to many parts of the therapeutic journey; steps such as working towards a specific goal, gathering in one safe space to communicate, and enjoying the growth that we have created together. Your work is personal, yet I'm here to help you along with way.

Let's discover your hidden potential. 

Explore the different services I offer to fit your or your family’s needs.


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