Family Therapy

For the past couple of days, months, or even years, there is no such thing as a peaceful day at home. Either everyone seems to communicate by screaming, or does not communicate at all. You don’t remember the last time you and your family were on the same page. You hate to admit it, but you sometimes dread going home. You worry there will be another argument waiting for you, or another put down. What’s worse is you feel you no longer have a voice in your family. It didn’t use to be like this and you’re wondering what has happened to your family. Family therapy is here for you and your family to get back to being close again. 


Families who come to therapy experience all types of concerns. The family is a system, and all systems need check ups to make sure they are running correctly.


Here are some ways I can help your family heal:

  • Dealing with the death or sickness of a loved one

  • Processing life transitions such as marriage, divorce, moving, or deployments

  • Coming together after being seperated 

  • Decreasing fights and increasing bonding experiences 

  • Living through stressful current events 

  • Recovering from past hurts 


Who comes to a family therapy session? Family therapy can help multiple family systems. Parent-child duos or trios, siblings, multi-generational family members. There is no number requirement of who can gather in a family session. The more members willing to participate, the more voices are heard. 


Family therapy is the time for your family to create something new together. 


Wanting to get your family back on track? Call me today for a free 15 minute phone consultation and let’s see how we can work together.


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