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You don’t know how it happened, but one day you looked up and could no longer recognize the family members around you. When did you grow apart? Why can’t you communicate without someone yelling or storming out. What led to this immense feeling of disconnection? Why is there always so much chaos? You can’t remember the last time you and your family were on the same page. You dread being around them. You walk on eggshells and give

in to their wants just to keep the peace. You want to escape. You want to feel like your voice is heard. You want to laugh with them again. No matter how you got here, family therapy can bring your family back to a place of connection, and give your family the skills to flourish. Each family is a complex system of relationships, and all systems need a little maintenance from time to time. Families who come to therapy experience all types of concerns.

Here are some topics that can be covered in family therapy:

  • Navigating transitions such as marriage,
    divorce, moving, etc. 

  • Healing from past trauma that has impacted the
    family system

  • Dealing with the death or sickness of a loved one

  • Coping with challenges of one member being away
    from family (deployments, prison, etc.)

  • Improving healthy communication 

  • Decreasing fights and increasing bonding experiences 

  • Coping with stressful, current events

Ready to have your family feeling connected again? Call me today for a free 15 minute phone consultation!

Family therapy can include many different family members, it really just depends on what your goals are! Family therapy can include parent-child duos or trios, siblings, multi-generational family members, and many other combos. There is no number limit of who can participate in a family session.

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