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My life’s goal is to help other people feel less broken. I strive to provide a warm and accepting environment that highlights strengths and resiliency in each person. I believe each person is made wonderfully unique, so I work to tailor my therapy style to match the needs of each person and family, in a culturally sensitive way. As a therapist I will work with you, your child, or your family to build a relationship and gain understanding of who you are and where you are. Then, together, we will work to create small, lasting changes to help get you and your family where you would like to be. I work to help strengthen communication and foster connection between parents and their children. My goal is to help you build skills inside and outside of the therapy room as well as provide support while you navigate the day to day challenges life brings.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, I am trained to see ‘problems’ as complex systems. Problems aren’t just a thing that exists, but more so a complex thing that then interacts with and within other complex systems (like your family, your friends, your job, etc.). My training as an LMFT-A allows me to learn about your system, the systems you interact with, your ‘problems’ and how they interact with those systems. It also allows me to have insight on how generational trends, cultural influences, and even the current political climate may be influencing your system, and in turn, your ‘problem’.


Originally from the midwest, I am a transplant, and have lived in the south most of my life. I graduated with my BA in Psychology from Limestone College and my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Converse College. I believe each person is strong and resilient, even when we don’t always feel like it. Therapy can serve as a space to process and grow. 


Let’s come together and help your family flourish. Check out the services I have to offer for you and your family. Call today for a free, no obligation 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how Fulmer Family Therapy LLC can help you. No time right now? No problem! Click the Schedule with Sherry Kay button to schedule your consultation for a later time.

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